Backcountry Skiing in the Pyrenees

Personal log of a novice backcountry skier in his backyard

Mountain biking :: Death in Jaizkibel – 21 March 2013

As part of a new project, me and my partner are exploring our backyard in order to find nice and amusing routes to do on the bike or just trekking. We started with an amazing area just some kms out of town: Jaizkibel. Considered by some the first westernmost mountain of the Pyrenees, Jaizkibel is a beautiful area with amazing coves, cliffs, slopes and views. It offers a myriad of amazing trekking tracks, but because of its geography it is hard to find tracks suitable for mountain biking. With the hep of some beta from the internet, today we tried to put together a route that would take us to some of the most beautiful areas of the range while keeping us on the saddle for as long as possible. And we almost succeed… except that 15kms into the route we took the wrong turn and ended up in a wild area with very little cycling possibilities, full of super narrow and rocky steep paths.

You can imagine the rest: flat tyres, no water, not knowing exactly where we were and ten exhausting kms with our bikes mostly on our backs up and down cliffs and high narrow gullies. In the end we obviously made it though (full of scratches!), and now we know where NOT to go next time!

I’ve decided to call this route Death in Jaizkibel (click here for the Wikiloc track). We did 29kms -according to my cycle computer- for a total of 642kms so far.

calita jaizkibeltxiki


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