Backcountry Skiing in the Pyrenees

Personal log of a novice backcountry skier in his backyard

Saioa (Nafarroa) – 25 January 2013

Finally, after another week of non-stop rain/snow, a rare bluebird day!!

Actually yesterday afternoon I tried to reach the Puerto de Artesiaga, but  I had to surrender about 1km short of the destination (and shovel some room on the side of the road for a 3 point turn), due to snow and bad weather. Today I also had to shovel at the Puerto to make room for the car, as the snowplow hadn’t been around yet, but at least the road was clean. I was planning to spice things up and do a couple of yo-yos, to add up the “mileage” so to speak, but I finally only did one go. Shame as the snow, specially on the E -facing side going into the forest, was lovely.

There’s a lot of snow in the area (and some more to come during the weekend) so I think I’m going to visit the Saioa quite a few times in the next days. Please do bear with me.

1_llegada al puerto de Artesiaga 2_huella de subida 3_vista desde la cima 4_la bajada hacia el bosque 5_adiós y hasta la próxima


3 comments on “Saioa (Nafarroa) – 25 January 2013

  1. sethsnap
    January 26, 2013

    Wow, amazing shots.

    • Morroi
      January 26, 2013

      You are kidding me?!? Yours are amazing shots! These are only quick snaps taken with my cellphone! Thanks anyway, too kind!


      • sethsnap
        January 26, 2013

        Morroi, Thanks!

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