Backcountry Skiing in the Pyrenees

Personal log of a novice backcountry skier in his backyard

Candanchú – 28 December 2012

Not much to report since my last skinning trip to Saiona, except that (1) the blister on my foot got infected and forced me to stay at home much longer that I had wanted, (2) I spent a week in Scotland for Christmas visiting the in-laws and (3) Xmas week brought a heat wave to the Pyrenees that hasn’t helped much snow-wise. Once back home, the Scottish girl and I decided to hit the mountains for some serious hill-walking (her) and touring (me). So today we left home in the van eastwards to my old hunting grounds in Candanchú. We got there at lunch time I decided to go for a Tobazo run just like the one I did back in April.

Unfortunately it was not to be. After some 300m I had to surrender due to the horrible ice. Both on the groomed or the ungroomed the snow was just one plain sheet of ice. My ski crampons couldn’t even dent the ice and were bending sideways. So after one nasty fall that saw me slide for more meters that I was comfortable with, I just decided to quit. Once back at the van I discovered I had lost one of the tail clips of my skins, so we went to Jaca for some shopping until it was time to hit the sack in the van. Hoping for more and better tomorrow.



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