Backcountry Skiing in the Pyrenees

Personal log of a novice backcountry skier in his backyard

Mountain biking – 14 September 2012

This last 3 days when it wasn’t raining I was very busy so I haven’t cycled at all. Finally today I had a couple of hours in the afternoon to spare and I started my quest for a mtb circuit that is (a) fun, (b) implies good work out, (c) near home so in case of rain or any other emergency I’m not 25 kms away, (d) with as little tarmac as possible. So i’ve been exploring the San Marcos area and I’ve found a nice 10km loop, starting less than 5kms aways from home that looks ok. I’ve got a couple more paths to explore in case there are better options but it could be a good one. Let’s see! Todays’ mileage: 19 kms which brings my total to 240kms.



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