Backcountry Skiing in the Pyrenees

Personal log of a novice backcountry skier in his backyard

Val d’Aran – 7 May 2012

What a nice day it’s been!! First of all last night we slept much better than the previous one… although I must admit that the contrary would have been quite difficult. By 10am this morning we were at the Orri carpark, where I met Javier (fitness-crazy guy from Granada who lives in Esterri d’Aneu) and his workmate Paco.  The weather was bright and sunny, with lots of visibility, so we didn’t waste any time before putting our skins on and going up the Orri side of the Cap de Baqueira. It was a nice climb up of 650m (from 1850m to 2500m). All in all in a bit less than 2 hours -in spite of my poor performance. The snow was a mix of rotten snow, wet crust or slush depending on the height and the orientation. Once at the top we hydrated, ate something, sat down on a chair and geared up for the ski down. It was quite enjoyable and, except for a couple of sections of deep slush, very fun to ski. Paco was (split) snowboarding so he had no problems with the slush. Javier was telemarking and because his skis were quite narrow, he got into a bit of trouble every now and then. On the other hand my Hardsides were great fun. We saw an isard (chamois in French and English) on the way down, but it ran away before we could take a picture – shame!

There’s a very hot spell coming on later this week, so today I might have done my last skiing of this season. Can’t wait for November again!

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